Put Your House On The Market Now! by Suzie Townley

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House.

Do you live in Gardner or Edgerton?  Are you wondering if you should sell now or wait until next spring? Or maybe even wait a few years? Here are 6 reasons to put your house on the market NOW!

  1. The market is fabulous right now – we keep hearing that inventories are low (which they are) but there have been more homes sold in 2017 year to date than the same time period in 2016. There are just that many more buyers in the market.
  2. There are a lot of really good 0% down loan programs available for Gardner and Edgerton that could disappear at any time. As a seller, this means more buyers.
    1. Remember the 45 day wait times of a few years ago with USDA loans? Those are gone.  Usual times are less than a week!
    2. If you remember after the 2010 census, Gardner was supposed to become ineligible for USDA Rural Development Loans.  With all the back and forth in Washington at that time, USDA just decided to keep everything the same until the next census!  It is now 2017 and the next census is only 3 years away.
    3. Another great first time buyer loan program is the Kansas Housing Assistance Program (KHAP) which helps first time home buyers with the down payment for an FHA loan.  Grant programs sometimes disappear with no warning!
  3. Interest rates are still excellent. We know that these rates cannot stay this low forever.  We don’t know when they will start to rise and not come back down! When interest rates rise, home prices tend to drop because the buying power of those looking for a different home goes down.
  4. Have you ever dreamed of building a new home? New construction is booming!
  5. Ever heard the adage, “Buy low, sell high”? Here is your Sell High opportunity.  You will need to think about temporary housing while you wait for the right deal, but if you wait for the right deal before you sell, you could miss the opportunity to sell high!
  6. School is almost out for the summer. School will be starting again sooner than you think!  If you want your children to be in a different school come fall, now is the time.

There are a lot more personal reasons that someone may want to sell a home or property.  What’s yours?

Suzie Townley

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