The Challenge of Selling Homes with Dogs


suzie_1452023534819My dogs are the absolute joys of my life, and one of the most time consuming of all my family activities. Jessie, Nipper, Colt and Leroy all have extremely different personalities, and would cause very different challenges in selling a home. If you are thinking about selling your home so you can move to someplace that has more or less space, more or less yard, there are a lot of things to consider; not the least of which is, “What do I do with my dog when someone wants to see the house?”

Some solutions for dog owners include:

  1. Adding a dog gate to the deck to keep your dog off the deck during showings, while allowing potential buyers to see the back yard.
  2. Finding a local dog boarding facility that does day care and asking for previous day notice for showings.
  3. Have a neighbor or friend take your dog for a walk during showings if you can’t get home. If you would rather, there are a lot of options for hiring a dog walker if you can’t get home.
  4. Purchase or utilize a dog kennel on days that the house is going to be shown. Dog kennels are readily available at garage sales, borrowed from friends or at most stores that have dog supplies.
  5. Depending on your work environment, take your dog to work with you! I am not suggesting that you leave your dog in the car. That can be even more stressful and even dangerous than leaving him or her at home with strangers.

The point is, our dogs give us unconditional love and so much happiness. While it may be stressful for both you and them, there are ways to deal with the challenges that showings and dogs bring about.

Suzie Townley

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