2016 Community Survey reveals residents have high satisfaction with living in Johnson County

Press Release


JOHNSON COUNTY, KANSAS (June 13, 2016) – Johnson County’s 2016 Community Survey shows high satisfaction levels that consistently beat both national averages and other comparable-sized communities.

The latest Overall Satisfaction Index in Johnson County increased above the 2015 level, and is at its highest point since 2009. In addition, the 2016 Satisfaction Rating for the overall quality of county services is 36 percent above the average for large communities (populations above 250,000).

“We are pleased to see that Johnson County is setting the standard for service delivery in the United States, even as we face a growing population with increased needs while our state funding has decreased,” said Ed Eilert, chairman of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners. “Despite those challenges, we strive to make Johnson County a community where residents are proud to live, work, raise their family.”

The survey is conducted every year to receive community input on services provided by Johnson County. More than 1,500 residents completed the 2016 survey.

“We rely on the input we receive from this survey and appreciate the time residents take to provide the feedback that guides us on the way we offer programs and services,” said Hannes Zacharias, county manager of Johnson County.

The full survey is available at http://www.jocogov.org/dept/board-county-commissioners/documents-and-reports

Johnson County as a place to live, work and play

  • 96 percent were satisfied with Johnson County as a place to live.The national rate was 83 percent. The rate for large communities was 76 percent;
  • 96 percent were satisfied with Johnson County as a place to raise children. The national rate was 79 percent; the large communities rating was 69 percent; and,
  • 87 percent were satisfied with Johnson County as a place to work. The national rate was 58 percent; the large communities rating was 72 percent.

Public safety

Johnson County residents feel significantly safer than residents of other communities. In the 2016 survey, satisfaction with public safety in Johnson County is 91 percent, coming in nine percent above the national average and 12 percent above the large community average.

  • 96 percent of residents feel safe in their neighborhood during the day. The national rate was 89 percent; large communities had a rating of 87 percent;
  • As far as feeling safe after dark, 89 percent of residents feel safe in their neighborhoods at night. The national rate was 68 percent; large communities had a rating of 50 percent;
  • Seventy-six percent of Johnson County residents feel safe in their parks, compared to a national rate of 64 percent and the large communities rating of 47 percent. In 2005, only 58 percent of Johnson County residents felt safe in their parks.

Satisfaction with County services

The highest areas of satisfaction were with Johnson County Library (90 percent), Johnson County Park & Recreation District (87 percent), 69 percent for the county’s motor vehicle registration system and 66 percent for the county’s election office.

Only two percent of the residents surveyed said they were dissatisfied with the overall quality of county services.

Resident priorities

Residents were asked to rate the county services they thought were most important for the county to provide. The top four services were:

  • Ambulance/Emergency Medical Services (MED-ACT)
  • Park & Recreation system
  • Sheriff’s office
  • Library system

Other findings

  • County courthouse: 72 percent agreed they might be supportive of courthouse improvements if they knew more about the improvements that are needed.
  • Transit: 60 percent said the county should enhance transit availability and frequency along major corridors.
  • Library: 67 percent said the county should expand its digital offerings.

Survey methodology:

ETC Institute of Olathe conducted the 2016 Johnson County Community Survey. This was the seventh community survey since Johnson County started surveying residents in 2005. The survey had 1,513 completed surveys that included at least 220 responses from each of Johnson County’s six districts.

About Johnson County, Kansas

Located in the southwestern quadrant of the Kansas City Metropolitan Region, Johnson County, Kansas is a community of choice with a current population of nearly 575,000, making it the most populated of the 105 counties in Kansas, but traditionally having the lowest mill levy in the state. For more information visit the county’s website at www.jocogov.org.