Arrest Made in Swatting Incident


An arrest has been made in the swatting incident that took place in Gardner in Ontario, Canada.  The original swatting incident took place on Sept 10, but was repeated two more time over the next few days. Police were able to track back the call to an online gaming account belonging to a 17-year-old boy in Picton, Ontario, about 100 miles east of Toronto.

For those unfamiliar with the term, swatting involves making a false 911 call to draw law enforcement to an address. Often, software is utilized to mask the location or identity of the caller.  The call usually makes a claim of either domestic violence or a hostage situation, either include a claim of the involvement of a firearm.

The teen has been arrested and charged in Canada with two counts of public mischief and three counts of uttering threats.

Gardner Police Chief Jim Pruetting reports, “Once we were able to track the digital footprints to the suspect, we received great cooperation from Ontario Provincial Police.  The suspect has been charges with Criminal Mischief in that jurisdiction and we’re pursuing additional charges through the Johnson County DA’s Office.”

State Representative Bill Sutton, who originally expressed grave concern over the swatting incident, now expresses relief, “I can’t give enough praise to the Gardner PD and the OPP for working together to bring this issue to a close.  Their cooperation made it happen. I know a family in Gardner who will sleep easier for it.”