City Manager Announcement!

Gardner Police Chief Jim Pruetting

The City Council meeting this Monday will have an important announcement with regards to the long process of hiring a new City Manager.  Tucked away on page 207 of the meeting agenda is this Suggested Motion,

“Approve and authorize the Mayor to sign an agreement with James Pruetting for the position of City Administrator.”

The GardnerEdge applauds the extensive work, attention to detail and commitment to transparency by the Mayor, City Council and city staff.  Jim Pruetting has a Master’s Degree in Management and 30 years of leadership experience under his belt. The KCPD is very similar to an autonomous city government, as it is not under city control and has its own governing body. It is the only agency in the country with that governance structure.

More importantly, Jim Pruetting has served the community for the last four years as the Chief of Police.  He knows the community and the community knows him.

The GardnerEdge welcomes the Chief to his new role.