Edgerton City Council Meeting Recap for March 24, 2016


At last night’s regular City Council meeting, kicked off with the approval of the Consent Agenda.  Public comments included fees up to $500 for dog breeders.  Michael Sleister, 400 First Street, appeared to speak to the Council in regards to dogs. He stated it is his desire to be grandfathered in because the dogs are used as rescue dogs.  Mayor Roberts addressed the code and Mr. Sleister vocalized his disagreement.  There were no other public comments.

Next on the agenda was Resolution No. 03-24-16A consenting to the partial assignment of a resolution of intent from Edgerton Land Holding Company LLC to ELHC XXXII, LLC or it’s successors in interest.  In discussing the resolution, the council acknowledged their responsibility in notifying the USD 231 school district with a cost benefit analysis.  The report must contain reasonable assumptions and address impact on state revenues.

Earlier in the day, the City Administrator, Beth Linn, received a letter from Pam Stranathan.  Stranathan is the USD 231 Superintendent of Schools.  The school district did not agree with the conclusions of the cost-benefit analysis report provided to them by the City of Edgerton.  In the letter, Stranathan is requesting improved communications between the city of Edgerton and District officials when assessing the impact of economic development on school district operations.  All council members were in agreement that there needs to be improved communication.  The council believes a better understanding of the process will be beneficial for the district.  There was no representative present from the school district and Council member Charlie Troutner voiced his concern with the lack of presence.  The motion was unanimously passed.

The second agenda was Resolution No. 03/27/16B.  This resolution consents to the partial assignment of a resolution of intent from Edgerton Land Holding Company, LLC to ELHC XXXIII, LLC, or its successors in interest.  This motion was also passed 5-0 by the council.

The next item discussed was Ordiance No. 1012 authorizing the City of Edgerton to issue industrial revenue Bonds not to exceed $31,500,000.  Mayor Roberts explained the bonds will be revenue bonds and will not affect the borrowing capacity of the city.  Motion was carried 5-0.

Up for consider was the city insurance policy for April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.  The city was given quotes by three different providers.  City Administrator, Beth Linn recommended OneBeacon Insurance Group.  Linn stated OneBeacon offered the best coverage to include additional terrorism coverage and pollution liability for wastewater treatment.  The total cost is $54,374 which was below budget.  The motion carried 5-0.

Edgerton will have two new employees, Trey Whitaker and Colton Fielden.  Whitaker holds the title of Public Works Superintendent.  He previously worked for the City of Mission.  Fielden will work with Public Works.

Last, the topic on everyone’s mind was the announcement of Amazon.com coming to the Logistics Park.  The facility will create approximately 1,000 full-time hourly positions.  In the future they are looking to create 500 – 1,000 additional positions.

Mayor Roberts stated the addition of Amazon.com can, “Better your life with a career of choice.”  In addition to new career opportunities, Amazon.com offers tuition reimbursement through a program called Career Choice Program.  After you’ve been employed by Amazon for as little as one continuous year, the Amazon Career Choice Program will pre-pay or reimburse 95% of tuition and fees for you to earn certificates and associate degrees in high-wage, in-demand occupations such as aircraft mechanics, computer-aided design, machine tool technologies, medical lab technologies, nursing, and many other fields.

An upcoming career fair will be held on May 4, 2016.  City Administrator Beth Linn encouraged the public to contact City Hall and leave their email information.  The City will send email blasts with upcoming flyers and event locations.  Additional information will be posted on the local citizen’s Facebook page.  Linn also talked about utilization of Kansasworks.com for job postings.  You can contact City Hall at 913-893-6231.

Future Meeting/Event Reminders:

  • April 12th 7:00 PM – Planning Commission Meeting
  • April 14th 7:00 PM – city Council Meeting
  • April 20th Noon – Senior Lunch
  • April 28th 7:00 PM – City Council Meeting