Edgerton Mayor Donald Roberts Declares Autism Awareness Month and Council Meeting Recap for April 14, 2016


On behalf of the citizens of Edgerton, Mayor Roberts declared April National Autism Awareness Month.  The City Council was join by the Autism Society of the Heartland and the parents and children affected by the disease within our community.  Mayer Roberts was proud to announce future plans to equip Martin Creek Park with sensory equipment designed especially for children with Autism.  Mayor Roberts welcomes any ideas from the public to help improve the parks in Edgerton.

During the Consent Agenda, Mayor Roberts moved to remove Resolution No. 04-14-16C.  This resolution approved the closure of the public streets during the Edgerton Summer Kickoff Block Party.  The reason for removal was to adopt a new resolution in order to have more space at the event.  The Consent Agenda was carried 5-0.

Public comments began with Mary Pritchard who volunteers at the Edgerton Food Pantry, serviced by the United Methodist Church.  Mary explained they are experiencing a shortage of food.  Mary stated, “We will take whatever we can but we are especially loaded with green beans and corn.”  They are asking for canned meat, hamburger helper, and macaroni and cheese.  During the summer, the pantry also feeds local children.  The food pantry is for all residents living within the School District 231.  Food donated to the food pantry can be placed in the shopping cart in Fellowship Hall. “If someone is hungry they will be fed.”  You can contact the Edgerton United Methodist Church at 913.882.6735.

Other public comments included a discussion about feral cats.  City Administrator, Beth Linn, stated steps have been set in place for “trap and release”.  Once the feral animals are caught they are then spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  The program then relocates the animals to farms that want the animals.  If you need additional information you can contact Edgerton City Hall at 913.893.6231.

Business requiring action included Charter Ordinance No. 22 exempting the city of Edgerton, Kansas, from the provisions of K.S.A. 12-617 et seq. and providing substitute and additional provisions on the same subject relating to sewer improvements and the issuance of bonds for the purpose of paying for said improvements.  The Charter Ordinance would allow the City to have the authority to build, construct, improve, repair or purchase sewer improvements, including the acquisition of land.  This Charter would also allow the City to issue its general obligation bonds to pay the costs of such improvements.  The Charter was motioned by Longanecker, Second by Brown, and carried 5-0.

Next on the agenda was Resolution No. 04-14-16D authorizing conditional notice of prepayment of a loan related to sewer system improvements of the city of Edgerton, Kansas.  Recently the City worked with Raftelis Financial Consultant (RFC) to complete a comprehensive rate analysis for both water and sewer.  RFC evaluated the structure and amount of utility rates in Edgerton coupled with known future infrastructure projects.  RFC recommended the City consider using General Obligation Bonds to finance the project.  A previous with the Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund (KWPCRF) would be retired.  The new interest rate is estimated to be less than 1%.  The motion was carried 5-0.

Resolution No. 04-14-16E was next on the agenda.  This resolution authorizes the City and its agents to take all actions required by statute necessary to carry out the sale of the Bonds and expects to make capital expenditures in connection with the sanitary sewer improvements.  The City then intends to reimburse itself for such expenditures with the proceeds of general obligation bonds and/or temporary notes in an amount not to exceed $2,500,000, plus capitalized interest and costs of interest.  The motion was carried 5-0.

Up for consideration was the purchase of a skid steer.  The current Case 1840 Uniloader is 20 years old, and is at the end of its life for daily use.  The purchase of the Skid Steer will assist the Public Works Department.  The 2016 Vehicle and Equipment Schedule allocated $44,500 for the purchase of a Skid Steer.  A Bobcat Skid Steer with a tool bucket attachment was recommended. The cost is $41,215.76 and would save the General Equipment Reserve Fund $3,284.24.

The last agenda item is the approval of Application FP2016-01 for Final Plat for Logistics Park Kansas City Phase IV, Second Plat.  On March 8, 2016, the Edgerton Planning Commission reviewed and recommended the approval.  The final plat includes 113.725 acres made up of three lots and one tract.  The property will serve the BNSF intermodal facility to the northwest of the subject site.  The City’s Unified Development Code defines this district as an industrial zone created to support activities related to truck, rail and other transport services.

Future Meeting/Event Reminders:

  • April 20th Noon – Senior Lunch
  • April 28th 7:00PM – City Council Meeting
  • April 30th – Citywide Garage Sale
  • May 4th 4:00PM – 7:00PM – Learning & Career Center Hiring Fair
  • May 7th – Citywide Cleanup