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The City of Gardner Sets the Record Straight


It is our goal to provide the public with accurate and reliable information concerning city business. Gardner Fact Check will serve as our vehicle to correct any inaccuracies, regardless of the information source, to ensure our citizens receive factual and unbiased messages. We will do our best to provide information as often as needed via social media and our website.

Over the past two weeks, The Gardner News has inaccurately reported that the City of Gardner is spending $43,000 to “decommission” the existing police station. In this week’s paper, this incorrect information is then used in a comparison of Gardner’s demolition of the police station, a commercial brick structure, to Edgerton’s demolition of two wood frame structures for a reported $9,000. The information reported in The Gardner News is inaccurate and attempts to portray the City of Gardner as being mismanaged and wasting taxpayer dollars. As outlined in the agenda packet for the June 3rd City Council meeting, the cost of professional services associated with the demolition of the police station, environmental impact assessment due to asbestos and lead, and evaluation of salvaging and reusing the high bay structure is $19,400. The remaining balance of the $24,500 is devoted to the City Hall project that includes an accessibility and life safety review. So in summary, the City of Gardner is NOT spending $43,000 to “decommission” the police station.

Gardner, perhaps you have noticed a now well-established pattern of biased reporting to place Gardner in a negative light. This is unproductive and does not serve the best interests of our city or our residents. Please know that we are thriving with new development, and additional development projects that have stalled over the past several years are coming back to life. There is a lot to be excited about for the future of our community, and we will do our best to keep you informed about our many successes. City staff will continue to work hard to serve our residents in the best way possible. As always, we will be diligent in providing our citizens with objective, fact-based information when necessary to ensure our residents are receiving accurate information.

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