Gardner Police Chief Attends Minority Training Workshop

Gardner Police Chief Jim Pruetting

Jim Pruetting, Gardner Police Chief Shares His Experience of Attending Minority Training Workshop

Jim Pruetting, Gardner Police Chief, represented the Gardner Community at the minority training workshop last year. Area government officials and law enforcement executives were brought together with members of the African American Community to discuss issues of race and the police/community relationship. The two-day workshop was led by R. Lorie Fridell of the University of South Florida.

The Gardner Police Chief found the training excellent. Sharing his experience, he said “Although joint police/community discussions on race and policing communities of color often turn to finger pointing and little progress toward a mutual understanding of the issues, the trainer did an excellent job of educating the group on the topic of biases and how they impact the police/community relationship. That led to some very candid discussion on the key issues facing police departments across the country and how we can build on the positive relationships that most Johnson County departments have with their communities to avoid the problems other communities are having.”

Jim Pruetting has also stated that although he currently views the police department’s relationship with Gardner’s minority community as positive, he expressed how mindful he is about how quickly that can change, particularly with the national dialogue painting the police in such a negative light.

Jim Pruetting has 32 years of law enforcement experience and has served for 2 years as Chief of Police in Gardner, Kansas. He spent 30 years with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. He is a well-versed leader who has experience in patrol, community relations, collaborative problem solving, investigations, internal affairs, critical incident management, tactical response, traffic management and labor/management relations.