GEHS and Piper Lady Soccer raise funds to benefit the Gorney family

Photo by Ryan Smith

Varsity Lady Blazer soccer faced Piper at home on April 21st. This game was dedicated for GEHS Spanish teacher Ashley Gorney, who has battled stage two breast cancer since October.

Blazers head coach Walt Cochran purchased pink “kick cancer” t-shirts for both Gardner and Piper players to wear during warmups and halftime of the varsity match. The shirts were designed by sophomore Rylee Ebert and were available for purchase by families and students.

The game consisted of an extended half time for Jerad Gorney to talk about his wife’s current condition. Mrs. Gorney was potentially declared cancer free after her surgery; though, she will be officially cleared once she completes her final round of chemo and radiation. She will then undertake a treatment called Herceptin for a year and Tamoxifen for ten years to ensure the cancer does not return. According to Mr. Gorney, by next school year, the family should almost be adjusted to their “new normal.”

Piper’s head coach Carissa Gregory surprised the Gorney’s with $375 that was raised through donations from their players, families and coaches. Additionally, over $700 was collected during the evening from both teams’ fans. The Gorney’s chose to donate all of the money to Dade Cannon, a 12-year-old battling Leukemia, and Parker Monhollan, an eight-year-old with terminal brain cancer.

“Everyone on the field played with amazing sportsmanship because we all knew that the game was helping multiple families, and it meant more than what was on the scoreboard,” sophomore Erin Fabing said.

Although the Lady Blazers played their hearts out for the Gorney’s, they fell short to Piper 0-3. Their current record is 1-15 as they are approaching the final weeks of their season.