GEHS Students Restore a 1984 Ford F-150


Students at the Advanced Technical Center (ATC) are working to restore a Ford F-150 that has been in the school’s possession since 1984.  This truck was donated by the Ford Motor Company when it was “totaled out” due to flood damage in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The truck has less than 200 original miles on the odometer.  Long Motor Corporation (LMC Truck) will feature this truck on the cover of their “Ford Parts Catalog” that is distributed worldwide!  Thanks to the hard work of students and staff and with parts donated from Long Motor Corporation (LMC Truck), the team is close to returning this truck back to its former glory.

The truck will be on display in the main lobby of the ATC for through August 31, 2018.  No word on whether or not the truck will be available for sale.