A small army of volunteers gathered at Price Chopper yesterday to assist with the Hurricane Relief drive hosted by the Gardner-Edgerton Republican Party and Founders Keep.

It was a good thing there were so many volunteers, too, because the outpouring of support from our community was amazing. When the dust settled at 7:00 pm, there were fifteen shopping carts filled to overflowing with everything from toiletry items to pet food.  All of this was eventually arranged into one truck and one boat, which set out for Houston at 6:00 this morning.GERP Chairman Tim Berger, the organizer of the mission, says “I’m absolutely amazed. The generosity of our community, and the level of commitment to helping those in need is just overwhelming.”

City Councilman Rich Melton, who live streamed much of the effort, added, “This is just amazing. I want to thank everyone who joined in achieving something really incredible.”

GERP member and Founders Keep president Bill Boillot, who was at Price Chopper from start to finish said, “I shouldn’t be shocked at the generosity of our community anymore. But every time they are called to help, the results are just mind-boggling.  I want to thank Price Chopper, who got behind this effort with very little lead time.  I also want to thank the volunteers.  But most of all, I thank the amazing people of our community.”

Berger left Edgerton at 6:00 this morning. He will be sending updates as possible.
To assist by making a monetary contribution, a youcaring account has been set up. Link here.