Kobach Wins Primary Battle


August 7, the end of a long primary season, came and went without a Republican nominee for the Governor’s race this November.  Kobach led by 191 votes.  The 9000 provisional ballots were going to decide the race.  This started the counting of provisional ballots in the closest statewide election in Kansas history…and one of the closest in American history.

A week later, with 80 counties having certified their provisional ballots and 25 left to go.  Governor Jeff Colyer conceded the race, calling for a united party to compete against the Democrat candidate, Senator Laura Kelly.

Governor Jeff Colyer

“I applaud both of these gentlemen,” said Representative Bill Sutton of Gardner.  “The ran a spirited and amazingly close race.  The family squabble is over now, and I look forward to the party unifying once again for our November challenge.”

He adds, “I want to thank Governor Colyer for his grace and dignity.  The numbers were pretty definitive, but he could have kept this thing going for weeks.  His decision to concede for the unity of the party is an excellent testament to his character.”

The Kris Koback/Wink Hartman ticket will face the Kelly/Rogers ticket on November 6 in the general election.