Microburst strikes at Edgerton Area Farm


Edgerton, KS — During an afternoon storm on Monday, a microburst destroyed a barn and damaged property on a farm in the rural Edgerton area.

No members of the Johns family or their animals where harmed during this event. “We are very lucky to have gotten through this without it becoming a tragic situation for our family,” said Joel Johns.

The storm approached from the south very quickly as it soon began to rain along with high winds and hail. There was no indication that this storm would be capable of such fierce winds and a Microburst capable of such quick destruction.

The National Weather Service has officially classified this event as a Microburst due to the way the building was destroyed and the wind patterns seen the surrounding grassy areas.

Wind speeds in Microbursts can reach up to 100 mph, or even higher, which is equivalent to an EF-1 tornado.

Mr. Johns indicated that insurance is scheduled to come and assess the damage very soon.

The Johns family would like to thank their neighbors, friends, Johnson County Fire District #1, and many others for the help and support following this event.

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