Personal Income in Kansas Continues to Rise


Governor Jeff Colyer M.D. on Wednesday highlighted a report that shows Kansas personal income rose significantly in the second quarter.

The report, released from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, showed wages increased by 4.7 percent, leading the seven states Plains Region.  Earnings increased by 6 percent in Kansas industries such as agriculture and professional business services.  This increase puts Kansas at the 10th fastest income growth in the nation during the second quarter.

“It’s great to see Kansans taking home bigger paychecks as our economy continues to improve,” said Governor Colyer, “We have been hard at work in Kansas trying to attract higher value jobs to our state in order to grow our economy, and we are delighted to see earnings on the rise as a result of businesses investing more in our state.”

Greg Martinette

Greg Martinette, President & CEO of the Southwest Johnson County KS EDC, explains further, “Southwest Johnson County has proactively put training and transportation resources in place to strengthen the local workforce. This is attractive to companies who locate here because it has resulted in an increase in good paying jobs in our community.”

“As predictably as day follows night, when you increase jobs, wages rise.  As unemployment goes down, companies compete to hire,” adds State Representative Bill Sutton. “The work we’ve done to make Kansas attractive to business is paying dividends to the folks who work here.”

The full report can be found here.