School Board Green Lights Artificial Turf



The USD 231 School Board voted unanimously to move forward with plans to install artificial turf in fiver different locations at the high school.  The $2.97 million project will encompass the varsity and junior varsity baseball fields, the varsity and junior varsity softball fields and the soccer field.  Coaches from each of these sports spoke in support of the project, along with the marching band instructor.  “We’re at an exciting point in time,” said Superintendent Pam Stranathan, “when we can provide facilities that will allow our student athletes to compete in similar conditions to other schools in our league.”

Representatives from AGT, the company tasked with the project, were on hand to answer questions from the board.  Questions ranged from water runoff to injury threat.  This system is designed to handle a 27-inch deluge, and be ready for use as soon as the rain stops.

Jeremy McFadden, Director of the Business Office, reported that the project will be paid entirely through bond premiums from the 2015 bond.  “This is not money that is set aside for contingency use.  This is not money we could use in the classroom.  This money can only be used within the scope of the original bond.”

Boardmember Brad Chandler expressed gratitude to the staff that helped put the district in the financial position to consider such an improvement. “We spent a lot of money in the past, maybe sometimes when we shouldn’t have been spending it. I’m thankful for the hard work done by this board and this staff over the last four or five years to put us in a position where we can do this for our students.”