Top Ten Edge Stories of 2017


As we prepare to start a new year, it’s common to look back and remember the events that shaped the year we’re leaving.  That’s why you see lists everywhere you look: top 25 Pop Hits, top 10 commercials, top 20 box office successes, 20 most annoying phrases.  You name it, it’s on a list…or two…or seven.

We at the Edge didn’t want to be left out of the list blitz.  Our original idea was to compile a list of the top 20 lists of 2017.  There’s really not a scientific way of differentiating between number 1 and number 10 in list making, though, and the research required is a lot more than any of us wanted to do.

Instead, we’re presenting you with a list of the top ten Edge news stories of 2017. The stories were judged not by their art, content or poignancy, but by the number of unique readers each one garnered.  Edge readers determined this list.  So Edge readers, sit back and enjoy remembering the year that was.

10. Updated: Driver Who Injured Gardner Police Officer Identified

At the end of July, 15-year-old Caleb Metsinger fled a vehicle check, striking one of Gardner’s police officers.  Metsinger was apprehended when he crashed the vehicle he was driving on I-435.

9. Gardner Election Results!

The Edge made great effort to be an early reporter of the Gardner local election results for Mayor, City Council and School Board.  There must have been a lot of people watching for the news, too.  As soon as it was released, our server was crashed by hundreds of simultaneous clicks.

8. Updated: Both Missing Teens Found Safe!

A story that spanned several days had a happy ending.

7. 2017 Homecoming Candidates

Rex Reed calls it the “feel good story of the year” and gives it two thumbs up.  It’s always good to see our high school seniors recognized.

6. Gardner Police Dept Needs Your Help!

This was an interesting story in that it got shared and shared.  After two suspects were seen by surveillance camera shoplifting high-resale-value items with utter disregard (they used a panel truck, for crying out loud!), Edge readers spread the word to identify them.  The suspects were identified and we’re awaiting word of their capture.

5. Two From Gardner Killed in Plane Crash

Edge readers were heartbroken to read of the deaths of Dawn and Keith Curtis in a small engine airplane crash.

4. Burglary in Rural Edgerton

Edgerton doesn’t usually have to deal with too much in the way of property crimes.  This year, though, there was an armed robbery and a spate of outbuilding break-ins.

3. Arrest Made in GEHS Vandalism Case

Edge readers had pretty much given up hope that the people that broke into the high school and vandalized it would ever be caught.  We were very excited to see an arrest made.

2. Update: GEHS Vandalism Suspect Identified

Number two really should have been combined with number three to make one super-story.

  1. Kansas Farmers and Ethanol Producers Push Back Against an EPA Controlled RFS

It’s really kind of cheating that this is the number one piece.  It’s more of a policy piece, not the type of crime story that everyone normally gets excited about.  This story got picked up by other outlets, though, so readers have been clicking on it from all over the country.  As a result, it takes the cake as the number one story of 2017.

We at the Edge wish you a happy New Year.  We promise to continue to bring you coverage of crime and mayhem, but we really hope that you’ll take the time to read stories that deal with the growth of our community, our successes and the celebration of our small town communities.  It’ll make you happier, and it’ll make our writers far more happy and far less cynical.

Welcome 2018!  Make it a great one.