Update: Todd Alan Burd


The case of Todd Alan Burd, the former GEHS choir teacher now facing two counts of aggravated sodomy by force, continues to wind its way through the criminal justice process.  On Dec 6, a “no go” preliminary hearing was scheduled for January 31.

“No go” just a funny way of describing court settings in the Johnson County District Court. A “go” means your case is set for a preliminary hearing. A “no go” means your case is not set for a preliminary hearing, just for a scheduling date.

Also at the Dec. 6 hearing, there was motion granted to seal the case.  This is common in crimes in which the victim or a witness are minors.  In this case, the alleged victim was 15-16 years old at the time of crime, thus is still under 18 years old.

Burd was the GEHS Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2015, but does not currently work in the school district.  His occupation is listed as “unemployed.”

The Edge will update this story as more information is available, although the Edge will not be reporting the name of the victim (even if it were to become public) out of respect for his or her privacy.