USD 231 TRAILS earn first place at Job Olympics


Young Adults in USD 231 TRAILS program competed in the annual Job Olympics competition at Johnson County Community College on April 9, and brought home first place in the 18-21 age division. The adult students competed in various job skills along with more than 575 other students from the Kansas City area.

JobOlympics1TRAILS is state-required program that provides specifically designed instruction to equip individuals with exceptionalities to live, communicate, and work within their community. This transition program is designed to prepare students to transition from school to adult life and is one of several options provided to students in the Gardner Edgerton School District. TRAILS is a collaborative effort between young adults, parents, the Gardner Edgerton School District, and adult service providers.

The job skills the students participated in included job interview, job applications, sorting mail, phone messages, auto battery testing, computer application, and more. The following students received a medal in the following respective category.

Alex Vilaichit: Check Writing (3rd), Job Interview (2nd)

Brent Beggs: Check Writing (2nd, Setting/Bussing Tables (2nd), Stocking Product (1st 

Erika Toplikar: Computer Applications (2nd), Job Application Advanced (2nd), Making Change (2nd)

Hannah Farnham: Coin Recognition (3rd)

Holly Stallsworth: Chick Writing Advanced (2nd)

Katie Bailey: Job Interview (1st)

Noah Sprague: Auto Battery Testing (1st), Facing and Stocking Shelves (1st)

Trevor Caperton: Auto Battery Testing (2nd), Job Interview Advanced (1st), Phone Messages (2nd)

Micah Nelsen: Stuffing/Labeling Envelopes (3rd)

Also competing for the team were Michael Ferlo and Gabriel Couch who just missed earning a medal but had great performances which added to the team’s overall points.