Warnings Issued in Error

Chief Pruetting Explains

From the Gardner Police Department Facebook page:

Over the weekend several Gardner residents received a red warning ticket on a marked business or commercial vehicle parked on the street at or near their residence. I’ve received information this morning that some of those vehicles were issued the warnings in error, as they do not fall into one of the categories that would prohibit them from being parked in a residential area. Specifically, if you have an unmodified pickup truck, as defined below, you should not have received a warning ticket. The relevant city code is Section 85.2, Parking Restrictions in Residential Zoning Districts, which states, “No person shall park any motor vehicle other than an operable passenger car; passenger van with rear side windows and rear passenger seats; pickup truck not modified with aerial buckets or platforms (e.g. “cherry pickers”), welding equipment, and mechanical lifts or arms designed to assist in loading and unloading freight, or motorcycle; on any street or alley within a residential zoning district except when necessary for loading and unloading or within the performance of a service, and construction vehicles while being used in connection with construction or maintenance authorized by the city or upon property in the block the vehicle is parked.”

The warning tickets were issued in an attempt to educate residents on the city’s parking code as it relates to street parking in a residential area; however, in some cases, we failed to carry out that task in the appropriate manner. I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.