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More Denning: United message needed to prevent "unfavorable" legislation

Posted on Jan. 24th, 2013
Nick Sloan
Denning Johnson County Sheriff Frank Denning
As one might imagine, there was a lot of response after Johnson County Sheriff Frank Denning spoke out against gun control legislation at the federal level last week.

In a second message to constituents, Denning thanked everyone who responded to him.

"As you can imagine, there has been a deluge of responses to my statement regarding 'gun control', both in support and in opposition," Denning said. "I appreciate the folks who have taken the time to read it, given it some consideration, and who have then taken the time to respond."

In his comments last week, Denning said that more armed individuals - whether it be security or just the average citizen - is a better idea at preventing tragedies than banning guns.

After the overwhelming response, Denning called for consitutents to be "united," adding that a unified opposition is key in preventing legislation from being passed. He also encouraged everyone, regardless of opinion on the gun control debate, to contact elected legislators.

"I will only say that your efforts, no matter to which side of this issue you belong should be focused on communicating your thoughts to our elected legislators who will be debating this issue at both the state and national level," Denning said. "Your opinions are important to them and the more your representatives hear from you regarding this and many other important issues, the better.

"Hopefully, by sending our legislators a very strong , united message, we can keep unfavorable legislative proposals from becoming law."