An Open Letter from Josh Beauchaine to Congressman Kevin Yoder


Todays new economy means that I have spent a lot of time working as a contractor that requires me to buy my own health insurance.  Unfortunately, despite a lot of promises, the reality is that our health care system is out of control with premiums rising and insurance providers discontinuing plans and coverage. 

In any competitive marketplace, we are used to having almost infinite choices and options whether its shopping online, ordering food from an app, or running a business from a mobile phone. With nearly every industry focused on competitiveness and choice, it makes no sense that we have fewer and fewer healthcare choices with a higher and higher price tag. Its no surprise so many young people, who are my age, are choosing to pay the penalty instead of buying insurance they cant afford or don’t want.

 Despite all the hype and fancy media campaigns our current healthcare system isnt competitive, lacks ingenuity, and is long over due for change. The American Health Care Act still has room for improvement in the U.S. Senate, but a choice-focused, market-driven approach is a welcome change and I thank Congressman Yoder for voting to move our healthcare system forward.