Press Release from the Sutton for State Representative Campaign

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Rep. Bill Sutton of Gardner said today that the Gardner Edgerton School District will lose $2.73 million a year from the property tax abatement that the City of Edgerton negotiated with the Kansas City Logistics Park under the watch of the current mayor.

Over the life of the existing abatements, the loss comes to $27.3 million, he said, adding that this is the equivalent of 1,700 homes (valued at $200,000 each) not paying a dime to the school district.

Sutton is seeking re-election to a third term in the Kansas House from the 43rd District. He is being challenged by Roberts in the Aug, 2 primary election.

“Mayor Don Roberts has already lost $2.73 million for the school district,” said Sutton, a Republican. “We can’t afford a Representative Roberts.”

He also pointed out that the school district was never consulted regarding the abatements or the economic impact study regarding them. The abatements provided to the logistics park resulted in an 88 percent reduction in its property taxes. These figures not only reflect the impact to the school district but also the fire district and water district as well.

“That’s why I’m proposing legislation to require school districts, fire districts and water districts to approve the portion of an abatement that will impact them,” Sutton said.

While that money will be lost to the school district, Sutton has been working in the legislature to see that the school district receives its fair share of state education dollars. He is currently vice chairman of the House Education Budget Committee.

For example, in that capacity Sutton worked this year to protect the district’s ability to use the $17 million approved by voters last spring. He made sure that House Bill 2655 was amended, prompting USD 231 Superintendent Pam Stranathan to write, “It was comforting to know that you were working to address language changes that will provide a tremendous benefit to our staff and students.”

He has also worked with school districts for the last two years to develop cost-saving purchasing possibilities and laying the ground work for the new school finance formula. 

During the Special Session, Representative Sutton was part of the coalition that negotiated with school superintendents to solve the issue surrounding the remaining 1% of education funding.

Following the successful completion of these negotiations, Todd White, Blue Valley Superintendent of Schools wrote: “It is my hope that the relationships and collaboration that began in January and culminated last week will continue as our discussion turns to the creation of the school finance formula that serves all students in the state of Kansas.  We look forward to working with you again during the 2016-17 legislative session.”



  1. I just did a Google search of “Kansas Rep Bill Sutton Amazon.” First story that popped up is from Hutchinson Post and it contained this quote: “This is a good day for our community and for the entire state, said Rep. William Sutton (District 43-R). “Amazon will find a strong local workforce and supportive business environment. We welcome them.”

  2. Wow talk about a load of BS! Sutton was strongly in favor of the intermodel in 2014. Now with his opponent getting support from it and the intermodel responsible for all of last year’s state jobs growth he finds fault. Sounds like he is looking for excuses for supporting Brownback’s failed experiment. Plus he has stated he is in support of vouchers which would take much more money out of our public education. Also no mention what the new jobs brought to the area on sales (you know the largest increase in ks history he voted for) or income, or individual property taxes.

    • Typical Lib BS. It is possible to support business without doing so with gifts paid for by the patrons and students of the school district. I guess in your world, it is acceptable to entice business with deals that take away from the schools.

  3. This has nothing to do with the Intermodal. Of course Bill Sutton supports the Intermodal. It benefits the whole district. This is about the Mayor of Edgerton (Don Roberts) cutting the school out of the abatement process and losing a ton of money for the district. The figures used are the those that were presented at the school board meeting presentation by the Director of Business and Finance.

    • And that’s the question all the Republican voters in this area should be asking themselves Lee. We all know why and that’s because Don Roberts is a Democrat running as a Republican. Why would he do that??? Because in this district a Democrat has no chance of getting elected so what do you do? take a chance on a spoiler running as a Republican. And how are they trying to do it? By using the standard crazy left wing liberal Democrat talking points foaming at the mouth over Brownback’s tax cuts returning money to the people and his reducing the size of state government. And who do you see out here defending and promoting Don? Left wing Democrats. That’s the only message we need the voters to pay attention to. Let’s be real folks, these Democrats on here would NEVER back a Republican candidate, ever unless they knew very well who Don was and what his plans are. On Brownback’s “experiment” nothing infuriates Liberals more than cutting taxes which means less money to distribute to bribe their voters which of course means less power, less control. The exact opposite direction they want.

  4. Nice of you to be speaking for Bill Sutton Bill Boillot, but then why would that surprise anyone. And Lee I support Roberts because he will work for all residents not just your nutty tea party group that Sutton so clearly only supports.

  5. I agree Matt Fox. It appears that Mr. Sutton is not the true spokesman for his candidacy – it is someone else. Regardless of this, Mr. Boillot is claiming that the Edgerton City Council did not adhere to Kansas State Statutes regarding the abatement process. This is a strong accusation – especially from the “Marketing Manager” for the GardnerEdge and now apparently Sutton’s mouthpiece. I can only assume that Bill Sutton is allowing Mr. Boillot to make this claim, or incapable … but at the end of the day what the constituency needs is a candidate that speaks for himself. Sutton has made a living, as a legislator, of allowing others to speak for him. This can change on August 2nd.

  6. For the record, the City of Edgerton did NOT cut the school district out of the loop. Former GE Superintendent Dr. Bill Gilhaus had the opportunity to address the Edgerton City Council about the tax abatement early on and did so. Not sure the date but am sure council minutes will reflect as much. Claims the district was left out of the loop regarding the abatement amount and process are inaccurate.

  7. I question the 88% figure. I am only finding 50% so I would like to know where Mr. Sutton is getting his information. Plus I would note that the land ahead of the intermodal was farm land and so the taxes were very low. It appears from the tax records that the current businesses are paying quite a bit of taxes more than the land was providing before.


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