Rep. Sutton Offers Local Endorsements

Rep. Bill Sutton

On the off chance that you haven’t seen me out campaigning with the local candidates, I thought it an appropriate time to let you know my endorsements for the election of City Council and School Board members. Whether or not you agree with my endorsements, I can’t urge you strongly enough to vote. I meet so many people when going door-to-door during a campaign who express little interest in local elections. They vote for even-year elections (for which I am thankful!), but don’t get involved in local elections. This is reflective of the complete lack of media coverage for local elections and the over-saturation of coverage for national races. It’s exactly reversed, however, from the importance on your day-to-day life. There are no elections that affect your everyday life more than City Council and School Board. With that said, I’ll get off my soapbox and get on with my endorsements. The city of Gardner is on an excellent trajectory. Given its checkered history as far as growth is concerned, I’m thrilled to see the city embracing growth. We just crossed I-35, which has been a dream for probably 10 years. The current mayor and city council have done a remarkable job. Todd Winters and Rich Melton, as a part of that team, have certainly earned my support. The third candidate comes down to who I believe is most likely to continue this growth trend. Kacy Deaton has made this a central issue of her campaign. Together with her intelligent approach to downtown revitalization, I see her has the best candidate to fill the third open slot. For the School Board, a couple races are pretty easy. Tresa Boden is running unopposed. Benjamin Hodson is kind-of unopposed. I would have been endorsing Greg Chapman, but he moved outside his district, so is ineligible to serve. I’m not sure of the mechanism in place if Greg won, but it would definitely be a hassle for Greg and a time-waster for the district. I’m excited to support Ementi Coary for the School Board. He’s campaigned hard and I think his experience as a Chicago police officer will make him a valuable voice when discussing school security. It’s unfortunate that security has to be a concern, but it’s the time we live in. The last School Board endorsement is for Jacque Hastert. She seems to be the only other candidate actively campaigning. I know that isn’t a perfect way to predict performance, but I respect the hard work involved. I prefer candidates who want the job and put in the work to get it. In summary: Gardner City Council Rich Melton Todd Winters Kacy Deaton USD 231 School Board Ementi Coary Tresa Boden Benjamin Hodson Jacque Hastert