Yoder Statement on American Health Care Act


May 4, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Representative Kevin Yoder (R-KS) issued the following statement following the House of Representatives’ vote on the American Health Care Act:

“Today, I cast a vote in favor of fixing our broken health care system, to choose markets over mandates, innovation over regulation, and patients over bureaucrats. There are two questions I answer with respect to every vote on the House floor: is this the right bill for my district and will it make the future of America stronger. The American Health Care Act succeeds on both.

“Obamacare’s big government mandates, taxes, and spending are destroying our health care system today. The last insurance providers are pulling out of Iowa and dozens of counties across Tennessee and Virginia – leaving millions on the individual market with no options for care – and Kansas could be next. The American Health Care Act makes necessary and immediate repairs to the devastated system left in Obamacare’s wake, and will provide more choice, more competition, lower premiums, and greater access to care in the future. It reduces taxes and spending, and lowers federal deficits.

“Let me be clear – no one with preexisting conditions can or will be denied affordable coverage under the AHCA now or ever. In reality, our bill frees states to develop innovative ways to provide them with better coverage than they receive now and invests nearly $140 billion to help them succeed in doing it.

“We are seeing the dangerous collapse of Obamacare play out across the country. Rather than forcing Americans to buy plans they don’t want or can’t afford, regulating insurance providers out of the market altogether, or leaving people with no options to choose from, the AHCA makes the necessary changes to repair our health care system that’s collapsing before our eyes. For these reasons, today I voted yes.”